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Most people who are not born in Canada but want to become Canadian Citizens have to take the Canadian Citizenship Test. If you are 55 years old or over when you submit your application, you don’t have to take the test. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 54, however, now is the time to start thinking about a study plan.

Simple, right?

The Canadian Citizenship Test has two parts. 

The first is a written test comprised of 20 multiple choice questions. You will have thirty minutes to complete the exam. 

In the past, you had to get certain ones right in order to pass. Now, you just have to give the correct answer to any 15 of the 20 questions. 

So, don’t worry and be confident, is the objective of this article.

Canadian Citizenship Test
A Simulated Test Sample

The second part of the Canadian Citizenship Test is given in the form of a verbal interview. Nobody expects your English or French to be perfect, but you need to have a basic understanding of the language and be able to express yourself. 


The citizenship officer will ask you questions to make sure you meet the conditions of citizenship. These will include things like how long you have been in country, and how much you know about Canada.

Do I need to study to pass the Canadian Citizenship Test?

Yes! Bold and rounded answer! (Here, check out these 7 Tips for a Better Study Time)

In 2007, a national poll found that over 60% of Canadians would fail the Canadian Citizenship Test if they were required to take it. All of the questions are based on a document called “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”, published by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. You could be asked anything from naming the federal political parties to reciting the first two lines of the national anthem.

In 2007, a national poll found that over 60% of Canadians would fail the Canadian Citizenship Test if they were required to take it.

Simply reading through the 70-page official document will not be sufficient to prepare you for your test.


Because it’s simply impossible to retain all of that information without using study aids like flashcards and simulated tests.

To explain better, we made a post called, “Why Simulated Tests Are So Important“.

But, the good news is…

…that if you plan ahead, you are likely to do very well.

The same national poll that failed 60% of existing Canadians found that 70% of new immigrants passed without difficulty

This means that if you study, you’ll end up with a better grasp of the country’s history, geography, culture and politics than most other Canadians.


We Help You Pass the Test You Want.

What do I Need to Succeed?

Start Right NOW!

Studying for the Canadian Citizenship Test is critical to becoming a Canadian Citizen.

In order to succeed, you need a plan…

…and we will give you a short version. That plan includes the following elements:

Make a Plan to be Organized

Of course, you can add some others feature that you may be comfortable with.


Being well prepared is the only way to pass. Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you were born, you have travelled a long way to become a Canadian citizen.

You’ve probably already been living in the country for several years, and passing your Canadian Citizenship Test will be the last step in your journey to becoming Canadian.

We wish you the best of luck as you prepare for this final challenge, and the citizenship ceremony that lies on the other side.

If you got here reading all that we have to share, means that we succeed in our purpose to explain better “What is the Canadian Citizenship Test”. Thanks.

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