Frequently Asked Questions

Because we faced that situation when we started the study for our test. We had to pay a whole year for only one week of study. REAL.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. If you do, you’ll be downgraded to the FREE plan, where you can still study for free. This is useful if you want a pause in your studies and not keep paying for something that you are not using; yes, we thought about that too.

Both, CitizenshipTest.ca has a PayPal option with capabilities for Credit Card payments.

Such issues may occur because of the browser you are using. Please switch to another browser or PC to process the payment.

When you upgrade, your current plan gets lapsed and the new plan is initiated immediately. Downgrade comes into effect only after your existing plan gets expired, after that you can still be using the FREE version.

You will be charged immediately upon subscribing and then again after the end of the period chosen if you marked Auto Renew at your registration procedure. You will be getting an invoice sent to your Subscription Details page.

Yes, any subscription plan renews automatically. If you don’t want to be billed, cancel your subscription before the end of Expiration Date.

If you’re getting the message “you have entered an invalid coupon code”, then probably you have been entering an incorrect code, or the code of a fake coupon. Fake coupons found on other sites will not work on CitizenshipTest.ca. The only way to successfully redeem a coupon, is to receive that coupon from CitizenshipTest.ca through his official channels. All third party providers of CitizenshipTest.ca coupons are invalid. 

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