When you’re studying for your Canadian Citizenship Test, doing several simulated tests can mean the difference between passing and failing. Part of the challenge is in learning all the information – but the other part is knowing how to correctly choose multiple choice answers.

Having four possible answers to choose from is easier than writing your own, but it can also be confusing

Be careful:

Sometimes, you think you know the answer but are fooled by other choices. 

Doing a few practice tests helps you focus on what’s important – and ignore what’s not.

Learning to Read the Question

The people who write the Canadian Citizenship Test assume you’ve been studying, but they want to make sure you understand what you’ve been reading.

You need to pay close attention to the question and not jump straight to the answer.

Here’s an example:

As soon as you see the words “provinces” and “territories”, your mind immediately jumps to the number 13.

But look at the question.

The right answer is “b”, and doing a few simulated tests teaches you to read the question properly before choosing an answer.

Becoming Familiar with the Answers

All of the “fake” answers are chosen for a reason.

Many are similar to the correct answer, but include a part that is meant to mislead you if you’re unsure.

Doing simulated tests will help you identify these traps.

Here’s an example:

The correct answer is “d”, but both “b” and “c” contain part of the right answer.

Practice will train your brain to spot this pattern, which comes up in many of the questions.


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Trusting Your Instincts

Experience has shown that the first answer you choose is more likely to be the right one.

People who second-guess themselves and are tempted by answers that sound more “intelligent” often fail.

Here’s an example:

If you picked “d”, you’re correct.

But many people then look at answers like “b” and “c” and start to doubt themselves.

“The Governor General” sounds very important!

Taking simulated tests will give you the confidence to choose an answer and stick with it.

Eliminating Wrong Answers

Finally, taking simulated tests when you are studying for your Canadian Citizenship Test will teach you how to eliminate answers when you’re stuck.

Here’s an example:

The first answer talks about mowing your lawn, so you can be pretty sure that’s not a responsibility of citizenship (although it might make you a good neighbour!).

The second answer says you have to join a political party, and you know that can’t be right.

The third one mentions not littering, and while that’s important, it’s part of caring for the environment – which is also mentioned in the same answer so probably isn’t correct.

After you’ve eliminated the first three, you know the correct answer must be “d”.

Some Real Facts

Your chances of passing the Canadian Citizenship Test will go up dramatically if you practice with simulated tests.

You’ll become familiar with the test format, learn to spot wrong answers, and train your brain to read the questions correctly.

Best of all, taking simulated tests will give you the confidence boost you need to excel when it comes time to taking the real thing.

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