Terms and Conditions

CitizenshipTest.ca is a website that enables allows users to buy a Plan. Payment is made for different Plans and CitizenshipTest.ca could offer plans without any form of payment (Free Plan).

It is possible to buy a Plan or obtain data and services from CitizenshipTest.ca. However, the accessibility is delivered without any guarantees on worth.

During the process of accessing and utilizing the service, there is a possibility that CitizenshipTest.ca will keep certain sensitive personal information (SPI). However, will be no situation or circumstance in which private data is offered to secondary entities for commercial purposes.

It is expected that CitizenshipTest.ca could distribute newsletters to you periodically.

It is our desire and intent that you have a pleasurable experience on the site and that you study the comprehensive stipulations contained below:

  1. Website Registration

Consenting to the stipulations contained in the terms and conditions indicates agreement to the various qualification provisions and in cases where an individual is representing a group or company, every end-users as well as personnel of the company that may be allowed to operate the site and authorize the material and software that will be bought via the site must equally acquiesce to the stipulations.

  • Qualification requirements: Individuals are qualified to become part of this contract when (1) Individuals are unrestricted by any capable jurisdiction, court act or regulation to be a part of any contract; (2) individual is grown up, or a youngster acquired parents or constituted custodians permission to become a part of this provisions of this terms and conditions; (3) individual was not formerly banned by the CitizenshipTest.ca from being a part of this contract; (4) Individual is not a resident of any of the forbidden regions and if individual is not an affiliate or participator in any terrorist group; (5) Individual has every license, when individual is working in representation of a company or group to become part of the provisions of the conditions and terms.
  • Exclusive private use: Use of services is private and nonbusiness; it is unacceptable to disseminate, deal out or circulate any quota of the services to secondary entities except for where precisely pertinent by the provisions of the service (This kind of a business authorization) and it is unacceptable and banned for you to vend, lease, deal out or circulate the services to other entities.
  • Satisfactory Use: Utilization of service must be in a legitimate fashion and you must desist from various endeavors that could damage, interrupt or slow down the services to various entities.  You are strictly banned from utilizing services for the purposes of distributing spam, unwanted memo, pestering, monitoring or threatening any individual as well as CitizenshipTest.ca. You are strictly forbidden from the utilization of programmed approaches which includes processors, software, crawlers, robots or scripts to gather data, analyze data, cache data, or render services to any third party. You are strictly banned from developing any script, software, code or program which damages, disturbs, weakens or enhances the operation of the services.
  • Confirming Your Account: During the registration process that makes the service available to you, CitizenshipTest.ca could validate who you are via dissimilar means and could, in alignment with its exclusive preference, demand extra identification. In cases where registration is done via email, it is expected that CitizenshipTest.ca could validate your email address and deliver an automated notice that will be found in the email delivered. In the notice, CitizenshipTest.ca could incorporate details or links to validate your identity as the credible holder of the email.
  • Safeguarding Your Account: Given the delicate nature of the details held on the service and the possible dangers that come with utilizing the service, you will be expected to provide a keyword that gives you entry to the service.
  • A singular account for one individualCitizenshipTest.ca maintains its rule to offer a single account to an individual, and that individual has access to a single account. Given the aforesaid, it becomes clear that it is unacceptable for an individual to have over one account.
  • Distributing your Qualifications: You are particularly banned from distributing your username and keyword with third parties.
  • Report of Misuse: It is expected that you report to CitizenshipTest.ca, instantly, at any time you suspect that your account has been hacked and in any instance where you are informed of unsanctioned utilization of your CitizenshipTest.ca account.
  • CitizenshipTest.ca Responsibility: With the absence of depriving any restriction of responsibility contained in the terms and condition, CitizenshipTest.ca is not responsible in any instance that you fail to comply with the stipulated security standards and will not be able to help in any form if you desist from utilizing various safety rules, as issued periodically.
  1. Disbursement

Payment will be made for CitizenshipTest.ca services in alignment with the circulation in CitizenshipTest.ca website periodically. The preferred mode of disbursement is through credit card or PayPal when you buy a package, the disbursement will be categorized as a repeat payment.

  • ChargesCitizenshipTest.ca decides the charges for the utilization of service. Various charges could be yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or on per service basis.
  • Reimbursements(Canceled on Sept 1, 2019): CitizenshipTest.ca may not give total reimbursement to its customers. In the event that you do not pass the official exam for the Canadian Citizenship, and have passed all tests on CitizenshipTest.ca prior to the designated date of official exam, you will be asked to scan the message issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada which should be sent to CitizenshipTest.ca. Once we have gotten the report, and after validating your finalization of all tests and exam, reimbursements will be made only for the first of your Premium Training fees (Yearly Plan). The reimbursement rule is endorsed and will remain legal for a period of the first year. There is a possibility that denied the reimbursements to customers who intend to deceive or exploit the services.
  1. Assistance

Support is provided through CitizenshipTest.ca channels and on a best-effort basis. CitizenshipTest.ca shall do its best to respond to any support email in a timely manner.

  1. Responsibility
  • No GuaranteeCitizenshipTest.ca will not take responsibility to ensure that services are behaving without fault. This means that you assume the dangers and responsibilities. CitizenshipTest.ca does not give any guarantee that (i) the Service will satisfy their users (ii) the Service will run smoothly, suitably, safely, or without mistakes and (iii) the fallouts that could emerge from utilization of the service remains precise or trustworthy and (iv) the excellence of any commodity, amenities, data, or various content bought or gotten by You via service will be in line with your projections, or (v) various anomalies found in the website will be corrected.
  • Responsibility: In no way or situation will CitizenshipTest.ca be made answerable for any loss, firsthand or secondary, substantial or exceptional, to you, from any other worker or secondary entity owing to the ineffective implementation of responsibilities contained within. CitizenshipTest.ca delivers Service without concern for aftermath of transaction and will not be made answerable, in line with the provisions authorized by law, by various situations of transgression, carelessness, reckless abandon, spitefulness or any other form, to any harms or forfeiture of possessions, simulated possessions, standing and professional status, user account info encompassing login info, forfeiture of turnover, injury to standing, that could emerge from applying or incapacity to apply the CitizenshipTest.ca services. For the evasion of any uncertainty, this restriction of accountability will equally be relevant for various services delivered by CitizenshipTest.ca as backing services that are offered without any guarantee.
  • Supplementary Repudiation of ResponsibilityCitizenshipTest.ca incomplete responsibility will equally cease to exist in situations where CitizenshipTest.ca service is opened in a virus-infected-hacked machine-phone-tablet (or other internet-connected electronic devices) or an unverified browser.
  1. Advertising

CitizenshipTest.ca website is fully permitted to show adverts. CitizenshipTest.ca will not be answerable for what is depicted by various adverts, irrespective of whether they appear connected to CitizenshipTest.ca or not.

Modifying these stipulations

CitizenshipTest.ca can adjust or alter these stipulations periodically, and reserves the right of inform you on various adjustments. For account holders that are uncomfortable with various adjustments, you are permitted to end such conditions. Whichever way, the holder created content will stay put on and will be utilized in line with the appropriate terms. However, various adjustments of these conditions will be free from backdated impacts.

It is your duty to review these terms periodically.

  1. Termination

CitizenshipTest.ca could, as prerogative of its exclusive freedom of choice, end these terms and conditions, the plans(free or paid) or various operations it has offered when it so desires, of all clients or to a particular individual, absent any reason, together with, without impediment, because of absence of utilization or if CitizenshipTest.ca trusts that there is a violation of these terms and conditions or conducted yourself  in such a manner that could undermine the purpose and essence of the stipulations in the terms and conditions. CitizenshipTest.ca could, also and as a prerogative of its exclusive freedom of choice, cease from giving the service as well as other related aspects available, with or without any earlier warning.

This stipulates that you guarantee that any ending of former entry to the service(s) will be binding absent any espalier warning and recognize that CitizenshipTest.ca can end the services instantaneously or take out your Content or Data.

In addition, CitizenshipTest.ca might not be at risk for any harm that you or any outsider may suffer because of ending these stipulations of service; However, regardless where CitizenshipTest.ca must end these terms because of your violation of these terms, at that point it should keep on providing you with services within the scope of your paid plan.

  1. Compensation Clause

You will guarantee and acquiesce to deem CitizenshipTest.ca inoffensive and underwrite to CitizenshipTest.ca for any claim issued against it by a third party owing to your violation of stipulations or commitments contained in these stipulations. This compensation clause will be issued quickly and in alignment CitizenshipTest.ca demand.

  1. Complete Contract

The conditions and terms create the complete contract that binds CitizenshipTest.ca and yourself and will only be modified by written apparatus. Any renunciation, postponement or suppression by CitizenshipTest.ca to implement its rights will not be fashioned as any modification.

  1. Principal Law

The terms and conditions contained herein are completely overseen by the laws of Canada, and various disagreements emerging, as a result, will be handled by courts of the Montreal (Quebec) district.

  1. Prohibition on Class suit

You are bound by acquiescing to this contract to not participate in any class suit against CitizenshipTest.ca and will only explore stipulated means to seek reparation privately.

Privacy Policy

CitizenshipTest.ca is totally dedicated to ensuring that your privacy is safeguarded and this unwavering dedication has prompted the creation of this comprehensive privacy policy statement which is aimed at educating you on your rights. It is therefore imperative to browse through this document for an accurate insight into the various ways your data is utilized.

  • Various private data CitizenshipTest.ca keeps: CitizenshipTest.ca might keep various private data that were received from you. This type of private data encompasses the entity’s name, address, contact, information, email address, as well as the IP address that was employed to gain entry to relevant services and various data. Cookie may also be used as a means to verify and confirm your identity.      
  • Various public data CitizenshipTest.ca keeps: In addition to various personal data, CitizenshipTest.ca might preserve scientific, publicly recognizable data which could encompass the browser you used to gain entry, the various pages you opened, referred pages, and various computer-based data. Data involving associates that directed you to the website could also be held by CitizenshipTest.ca.
  • Entities that can view all of these data: The various entities that can view this data encompass workers, contractors, and third-party service suppliers of CitizenshipTest.ca. This data can also be viewed by any secondary entity that you desire to grant right to use to this data.
  • Way in which data is managed: There are many ways in which your data is managed and typically embraces the following methods: The application of sensitive personal information to validate identity, circulate material, to reach you with relevant info, to deliver improved service and to implement the stipulations of service. Furthermore, sensitive personal information could be applied for enhanced operations, exhibit commercials or to give description of CitizenshipTest.ca promoters.
  • Various Third Party Services with right to view your data: Various third-party services are collaborators with the website and deliver a variety of services which embraces enhanced site accessibility, efficient promotions, increased social media likes and shares and a host of important benefits. It is recommended that you examine the privacy policies of the various collaborators.  Currently, our collaborators are Google Analytics and PayPal.
  • Well-timed Newsletters and Contacts: once you have offered your details to CitizenshipTest.ca and subscribe to our newsletter, then you have given your permission thus making CitizenshipTest.ca well within legal rights to send you promotional emails.
  • Options for revising or removing data: Revising or removing your private data is initiated by a mail to support at CitizenshipTest.ca. There is also the option of revising or removing your data the site via the sites panel.
  • Annual Privacy reportsCitizenshipTest.ca privacy functionary will scrutinize the website periodically and gather annual reports that embrace a concise detail of the objections duly expressed.